3D Community

3D Community (3D Website Scene) is the end product where you go to WalkTheWeb®. It is the combination of 3D Buildings and 3D Things for 3D Internet Browsing. 3D Communities can include a mix of 3D Games, 3D Shopping Stores, 3D Models, amusement rides, information, animation, automation, 3D Web Objects, and other 3D creations as well as links back to traditional websites. These are your Metaverse, Multiverse, and 3D Internet 3D Websites.

3D Community
3D Community Example: Fortress Island

3D Communities can be a community, city, town, island, province, state, country, continent, world, planet, solar system, universe, or any other existence to make up the 3D Internet. It binds one or more 3D Building Websites with Connecting Grids to create realistic or fictitious places for 3D Internet Browsing.

3D Communities provide global information and elements such as streets, signs, paths, lights, skies, ground, roads, elevations and topographic data, landscape, beaches, and vegetation. While there are no limits to what is part of the 3D Community Scene and what goes into 3D Buildings, it helps to think of it as the main part that hosts all of the 3D Building sections as you are near.

3D Community Web Addresses

3D Community Websites are identifiable by the web address; Domain Name based or use the first level of the path.

Domain Name based examples include:

https://3d.walktheweb.com would open the WalkTheWeb default 3D Website.
https://3d.http3d.org would open the HTTP3D Org. default 3D Website.

First level path examples include:

https://3d.walktheweb.com/castle would open a Castle 3D Community Website on the WalkTheWeb server.
https://3d.http3d.org/demo would open a Demo 3D Community Website on the HTTP3D Org. server.

Read more about 3D Website URLs.

Downloading 3D Communities

WalkTheWeb allows you to Share and Download 3D Communities.

To Download, login to Admin Mode and visit the Media Library under WalkTheWeb Downloads or open 3D Communities in the Admin Menu and click Add New 3D Community.

3D Community Downloads


Search for what you like and click Download. It will appear in your list under Select 3D Community.

Select 3D Community from Scratch as a blank canvas to create a 3D Community Scene.


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