3D Thing

3D Things are a collection of items that you can add to 3D Communities and 3D Buildings. Examples of 3D Things may include: chairs, trees, bushes, cars, boats, statues, bridges, furniture, foliage, docks, piers, etc. The idea is that you can create it once and use it many times in a 3D Scene.

3D Thing (Bench and Trash Can) as part of a 3D Building
3D Thing (Bench and Trash Can) as part of a 3D Building

3D Things are made up of 3D Building Blocks3D Models, walls, floors, animated doors, windows, geometric planes, etc… and 3D Web Objects like images (with hover-overs and links available), multimedia, text, links, 3D Forms, scrolling windows, etc… – to create the 3D rendered view.

3D Thing is a term used to describe a stand-alone region within a 3D Community Scene or 3D Building. 3D Things are similar to 3D Buildings, with the exception that they cannot nest other 3D Things in them.

Example of 3D Things
Example of 3D Things

3D Things can be added to numerous 3D Buildings and 3D Communities. In the picture above, notice numerous chairs and desks. Each instance can be positioned, scaled, and rotated separately.

If you edit the original 3D Thing, all instances of the 3D Thing will show the update.

You can easily create copies of 3D Things to preserve the original and have a new 3D Thing with your changes to add to your 3D Buildings and 3D Communities.

In the image below, I copied the chair then changed the position and rotation of the copy to create numerous instances!

Easily Create Duplicate 3D Things
Easily Create Duplicate 3D Things


Downloading 3D Things

WalkTheWeb allows you to Share and Download 3D Things.

To Download, login to Admin Mode and visit the Media Library under WalkTheWeb Downloads or open 3D Things in the Admin Menu and click Add New 3D Thing.

3D Thing Downloads

Search for what you like and click Download. It will appear in your list under Select 3D Thing.

Select 3D Thing from Scratch as a blank canvas to create a 3D Thing.


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