If you would like to share your work or progress on a WalkTheWeb hosted site, please email your suggestion to

Here are a few WalkTheWeb demo 3D Scenes you can visit:

WalkTheWeb 3D Home Page Demo
The WalkTheWeb Canals Social Network 3D Scene demonstrates a flowing city with waterways and walkways. It incorporates numerous 3D Stores, multiple levels to build on, and surrounded by water.

WalkTheWeb 3D Tropical Island Demo
The WalkTheWeb Tropical Island Social Network 3D Website is a great example of a right out-of-the-box implementation of WalkTheWeb. It was assembled out of free 3D Models found in the downloadable 3D Media Library in less than a minute. It incorporates the Tropical Island 3D Community Scene, 3D Corner Store Building, 3D Red Barn Store, bridge, walkways, palm trees, and a boat dock near the red barn.

WalkTheWeb 3D City Streets Demo
The WalkTheWeb City Streets Social Network 3D Website is a great example of animating the street lights to make a city 3D Scene. It incorporates numerous 3D Stores, coin collecting, and random city 3D Things (models) are displayed as you walk around. This scene is designed to push some of the resource limits in order to keep optimizing WalkTheWeb for larger scenes with 3D Buildings closer together.

WalkTheWeb 3D Castle Demo
The WalkTheWeb Castle Social Network 3D Website is a great example of a custom build as a work in progress (WIP). It incorporates a main gate, bridge, custom terraforming, and sections of castle walls with hidden stairs and full path around the castle. We will add further castle walls, a castle tower, and continue to adjust, texture, and add vegetation to the ground.