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Own part of the 3D Internet: Metaverse and Social Network
WalkTheWeb 3D Internet - Metaverse - Social Network - Open-Source enables everyone to own a part of the 3D Internet, as a Social Network and Metaverse, unlike the monopolized drive of large Gaming companies. Download and connect!
This means:

  • Gamers play for free! (may be offered optional in-game paid upgrades or services)
  • Everyone can socialize and connect with your friends for free!
  • Programmers and 3D Artists can make money designing and building 3D Scenes, 3D Models, and 3D Game Plugins.
  • Businesses can easily release and maintain 3D Shopping Stores to increase their sales appeal! Everyone is tired of Banner Ads and commercials, right???
  • Have a www.yourdomain.com website? Increase your traffic and sales with a 3d.yourdomain.com 3D Website!


WalkTheWeb 3D Internet Features
  • Metaverse - Use WalkTheWeb as a Social Network in 3D!
  • Social Networking - Use WalkTheWeb to Connect with your friends in multiplayer 3D Scenes!
  • Create and host as many fully Customizable 3D Scenes as you like for free.
  • Provides Logins, 3D Avatars, hundreds of animations, and customizations for your 3D Website!
  • You can enhance your users experiences with optional paid upgrades or services. (Example: inexpensive Chat and Multiplayer services)
  • Add your own 3D Models (3D Community Scenes, 3D Buildings, 3D Things, and 3D Avatars) or download them from our 3D Library.
  • Works on HTML 5 Browsers (no browser add-ons needed).
  • You do not have to be a programmer to use WalkTheWeb.
  • Programmers can easily add their own custom code and 3D Plugins! (PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and babylonjs.com)
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WalkTheWeb is the worlds first 3D Content Management System (3D CMS) for creating 3D Games and 3D Shopping Experiences.

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