3D Webs

3D Webs is a term to describe 3D Communities, 3D Buildings, 3D Things, and 3D Avatars. These 4 items make up the core products created by WalkTheWeb 3D CMS.

With the exception of 3D Avatars, 3D Webs use Connecting Grids as maps that define the 3D position, scaling, and rotation within a 3D Scene.

They also use Load Zones and Unload Zones (Action Zones) to determine what loads into a 3D Scene based on your 3D Avatar position.

3D Webs in 3D CMS
3D Webs in WalkTheWeb 3D CMS


3D Webs Relationship (Using Connecting Grids)

3D Communities can contain 3D Buildings, 3D Things, and 3D Buildings with 3D Things as part of it.

3D Buildings can contain 3D Things.

3D Things stand alone or get added to 3D Communities and 3D Buildings.


3D Webs Relationship
3D Webs Relationship


3D Avatars visit all of the above 3D Scenes.