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WalkTheWeb by HTTP3D Inc… because the next evolution of browsing is 3D Internet Browsing.


Our company vision is to change the world by creating 3D Internet experiences that promote education, welcome businesses, and encourage everyone to grow as a community.

There are over 700 million people playing online games and the world is developing products like 3D printers, 3D tvs, 3D movies, 3D games, 3D artwork, 3D product modeling, and 3D virtual reality. Our answer became clear…

It is time for 3D Worlds of shopping, discovery, exploration, and fun! That is 3D Internet!

3D Internet is about emerging yourself into 3D Environments and 3D Games where the virtual 3D Buildings are REAL businesses, organizations, online stores, and so much more.

Download WalkTheWeb at GitHub
Download WalkTheWeb at GitHub

WalkTheWeb is an open-source 3D Internet Metaverse – Multiverse – 3D CMS (Content Management System), a tool, to build 3D Games and 3D Shopping Websites. WalkTheWeb was invented and is constantly evolving with the help of Aaron Dishno Ed.D. CEO and Founder of HTTP3D Inc. – WalkTheWeb.

Aaron believes the Internet should always be free and available to all. Do you really want the big gaming companies to own the Metaverse and kill the full potential with censorship and advertising? Help me build a Free 3D Internet Metaverse by using and supporting Open-Source WalkTheWeb. I am calling for PROGRAMMERS, DESIGNERS, and ARTISTS to unite! So that Everyone owns the Metaverse.

To start, create your own Metaverse – Multiverse with our easy to use WalkTheWeb 3D Internet Hosting software. While you do not have to be a programer to use it, programmers can easily take advantage of the Game Engine and build 3D Games and 3D Content using our 3D CMS software and your own code together. 3D Artists (3D Model Designers) can show off their work quickly in a working environment with Avatars and 3D Scenes. Multiplayer functionality and services are readily available from WalkTheWeb (keeps the work load off your server). supports browser based devices that can use WebGL and 3D Scenes can be viewed by numerous camera views for Computers, Cell Phones, Tablets, and Virtual Reality equipment (VR). WalkTheWeb uses PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL it can be hosted on any server capable of running WordPress.

3D CMS is a 3D Content Management System for easily creating and hosting your own 3D Games, 3D Shopping Stores, 3D Metaverse, and 3D Multiverse Scenes. Using the game engine WalkTheWeb works completely in the browser (does not download an app). You can put each of your 3D Buildings or 3D Games into many 3D Community Scenes. Makes it easy to update your 3D Game or 3D Shopping Store in one place, yet provides a powerful new way to distribute your creations by allowing your 3D Building (or 3D Game) to be visited in many 3D Scenes! Think of it as combining the concept of WordPress with a 3D Game Engine at an exponential level!